There is a list of trustworthy partners we like to work with and advise you to get in touch immediately if you need something of a field they represent:

FromMe – online gift card store in Latvia.

Sonido – call center, cold calls. Baltic, RU, EN languages.

ForwardMedia – marketing content: video services, audio recording, photo, graphic design, animation. – file exchange, backup, servers, file stocks.

Also, enquire us about the best partners for logistics, retail, web and app development and online product dev., advertising, tax and accounting, legal, warehouses and much more. Reach at


ENRIGA (MFIB Ltd.) has signed a contract with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) , to promote the international competitiveness, encouraging entrepreneurship and entry into foreign markets, in the program Promotion of International Competitiveness.

Project No:

LIAA agreemenet No SKV-L-2017/445

LIAA agreement date: 05.09.2017

Promotion of International Competitiveness