The Team

So we’ve launched your product or service successfully in the market, the business is growing, and you decide it’s time to have your own, full-time, directly employed local team.

Where to get the right talents?

We will advise and oversee the process of working with the right recruitment company or professional, whether it’s a headhunter you need or a professional recruitment agency, or you need a database of job-seekers.

The Premises

Should you need an advise about the right location or average market prices for retail or warehouse premises rental, or you need a professional advise of an agency specialized in negotiation with shopping malls or seeking commercial premises, or you need a local builder of hangars, we will assist you in picking the right supplier.


If you work with an international accounting (and law) firm, that’s fine, and they most likely have regional office in developed countries. If you (or they) don’t – we will help you to agree with the right accounting specialist or company, so you get the right balance of value for price, meeting your expectations.


We’ve touched already law, restrictions, limitations and regulations part when telling about how we work. Once can’t count on the same regulations as in a home market, when entering new markets. It is always cheaper and easier to get to know the regulations not to amend a product or operations, as well as deal with potential penalties and other consequences because of not knowing local regulations.

Should you need a small consultation or a wide research – there is always the right law specialist or firm for your special need. Ask us for an advise!


Not only negotiating with potential partners – retail chains, wholesalers, and doing B2B sales for you but also setting up your future operations in the market is a great deal of our job. It goes together, as one can’t split agreeing with a retail partner and having (or not having) logistics in place.


It might be worth partnering with local companies to manufacture or deliver your product or service in the market. Depending on its type, it can help to reduce costs or increase your service volume. There are many quality firms able and ready to provide different outsource, private label manufacturing and other service and partnership. We can introduce you to them or lead the process of picking the right partners.