Strategic Sales. Strategic Customers.

You are ready to bring your scalable product to market, does not have a reseller, or have an MVP or a custom tailored product you want to sell to a strategically important customer.

That can be a big customer, a key customer, or the only customer in a specific market.

How not to lose a year and tons of money trying but focus on building and improving the product, R&D, or the overall growth of the company.

ENRIGA experienced team has it all:

  • up-to-date knowledge about urgent technologies and products
  • network of connected and knowing representatives all over Europe, Asia, and Americas
  • background in doing similar sales, including building sales strategy and executing it
  • a network of experts, suppliers, and local business support representatives in different countries to help with an advise or intro

Approach important customers with us, maintain relation ship with them with our Key Account and Export Management support, and build reseller network backed by existing strategic customer references. Do not hesitate to reach out at to discuss your chances and opportunities now.