Building a strong network of committed and motivated resellers has been a magic sauce of success to ENRIGA customers with a scalable product.

Similarly to Key Account Management, reseller relations require

  • presentation
  • sales
  • marketing
  • relationship
  • negotiation
  • motivation

skills and knowledge about retention. Starting with a small initial resellers and building experience and trust in a new market combined by presence in conferences, fairs, and networking events, and marketing support will guide you to large customers and industry leaders becoming your resellers.

With a strong reseller network, you will not have to invest much into sales, hire local sales teams, or even take care of customer support. All that can be replaced more effectively with experienced, established and influential resellers – partners, and professional reseller relations.

It is important to know a local market, its leaders and key players, their positions, customer segments, and standards of reselling offers. With us, you will not loose money on unequal share of revenues or responsibilities, or potential issues with customers or product-market fit. Make us of our experience and representative network in different markets in Europe, Asia, and Americas, and

do what you are best at: the product or service itself,  or R&D.

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