Marketing Plan and Strategy to enter markets in Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, and USA.

When knowing, who’s your audience, what the market size, potential and specialties are, it’s time to get hands on and create the killer marketing plan, possible to execute.

Marketing plan in our way involves parts of

marketing strategy, covered in market research, competitor analysis, and setting up client profile,


focuses more on the action plan.

It creates the roadmap for:

Collaboration and Partnering
Loyalty and Customer Retention
Marketing Material framework and examples
Advertising guidelines
Communication plan rules
PR anchor points
Promotion Strategy
Media Plan insight

As well as directions about how to execute the plan. Whether it’s better to work with freelancers, suppliers, agencies, or we see that we are the best to execute some parts of it.

Free of charge –

we will advise specific executers, best fitting your needs, adding example estimate sheet.

When the plan is ready, let’s take the last preparation step and start digging! See how we fulfill Marketing & Sales execution management.