Investor Relations

Whether you are a start-up, scale-up or enterprise, we believe finding an investor should not be hard. It is not an easy process as well but a client should see this as one task of the project, i.e., developing a product, scaling a solution, or international expansion. With all other criteria in place it is an easy task. How do we take care of Investor Relations with a customer:

  • Form a target. Why do you need an investor?
  • Analyze alternatives. What if you do not need an investor?
  • Set requirements. What kind of investor are you looking for? Just a money, connections, or an industry insider, maybe a strategic investor – large company?
  • Make sure you have a comprehensive, strong, and skilled team to do what you want to do.
  • Be ready for due diligence, have all papers, accounting, systems in place.
  • Work on your digital communication and image: website, social media, etc.
  • Build a concentrated presentation. Be honest with data you share.
  • Creating a long-list of potential investors. According to criteria applied to potential investors as well as location, size of previous investments, investor’s portfolio, etc.
  • Make a short-list.
  • Reach out, meet, present, invite, follow-up, pivot.
  • Be ready for some negotiating, and then a potentially fast process.
  • Excitement and readiness to build and scale!


Make use of our experience in Investor Relations, Key Account and Partnership Management, and international R&D Project knowledge, and save efforts, time and money with ENRIGA’s representative network located in Europe, Asia and Americas.

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