Expansion Manager

is a role within most scale-ups, and ENRIGA knows it means wearing many hats at once.

Expansion Management has been fulfilled for different business customers with a scalable product, mostly tech related but not necessarily. As Expansion partner we help customer to gain market insight and date, make a deep research and analysis of the

  • market
  • competition
  • pricing
  • partners
  • key accounts / customers
  • channels
  • law and regulation
  • risks
  • opportunities

to prepare a market entry plan, and become the customer’s representative – a dedicated team of Expansion Management – to fulfill the plan by

  • adapting the product,
  • building channels,
  • onboarding key customers,
  • image making,
  • improving,
  • negotiating with partners,
  • reporting to the company,
  • hiring local team,

and also using the data and experience gained previously for next projects and entries.


What’s also important, we own an international network of representatives as well as partners and trusted suppliers being able to shorten time necessary for any of the preparation or launch phases. The network includes:

  • business development specialists
  • sales and marketing experts
  • lawyers
  • accountants
  • inward investment representatives
  • investors
  • financial, real estate advisors
  • start-up mentors
  • managers of accelerators, incubators and soft-landing programs

and more.

Just give us a try, and you will appreciate the outcome. Let’s start a conversation at connect@enriga.eu.