Client Support and Care in specific markets in Europe, Asia, USA.

Provide online chat, website chat, phone, e-mail, Facebook Customer Support in Latvian, American English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, and other languages.

When it comes to entering new markets, don’t estimate too low the need for quality client service, starting the first client enquiry, contract or the day of product appearing on a shelf at retail store. Of course it is ungrounded to have your own customer support if you are just testing the market or having two small clients. But you need customer support anyway.
We are ready to host your first clients and support them daily. Depending on the support type and whether it’s 24/7 line or a few meetings a month, we will cover it ourselves or provide a customer support jointly with our partner company, providing customer support line. You will pay for actual time spent and related costs only or we can agree on a set fee monthly, depending on the amount, type and your preferences.

Not sure who’s your customer? Let’s define client profile together.

We are used to working back-to-back with IT department’s technical support, return department, and accounting to cover customer claims, service issues, and resolving potential disputes. We value the power of mediation, and know it’s always better to convert one unsatisfied or confused customer into company advocate instead of dealing frostily with five disputes.
Do not hesitate to rely on us if you need to test or improve your product or solution in the market, involving test users and early bird users. It’s our pleasure to take part in defining and attracting these customers and advocates, and to work alongside with them in preparing the best entrance possible for your product, service or the company itself.

Haven’t done market research yet in the new territory? Start with that! Ask us.

Not sure how to get prepared for a potential crisis scenario in the new region? Don’t leave this to the last moment, or not touched at all! Let’s create a roadmap and define potential threads and risks, and plan one step further, to know how to react if a potential situation is a case. It’s always better to be prepared instead of fighting consequences afterwards.