Audience Targeting: specific markets in Europe, Asia, Americas.

Know your audience in Tallinn, London, Hong Kong, or New York, know it in Kiev, Oslo, and Kuwait.

Knowing your target audience in a new market saves you money and time, and can be crucial in succeeding or failing in a market. Knowing your audience allows you to spend each cent effectively, know where, when, and how to talk to the audience.
Not only target audience is important, but also knowing and communicating with general audience helps to grow and strengthen your positions in a market. General audience will spread your news, impacting the target audience.
Let test together with your primary, secondary, and general audiences, to prepare and execute the most effective marketing plan. You will enjoy our collaboration with creating client profile and answering to the questions:

1. Who is my client in a specific country, city or village?
2. Who might be my client as well?
3. Who does impact my client here, and how?
4. What does my client love, enjoy or is made to do constantly, during working time, in the evening, how does my client spend weekend, or what’s his or her entertainment, travel, or leisure habits?
5. How much does my client earn, what’s his daily, monthly budget, how does this money split between basic needs and other costs?
6. When to speak to my client, what’s the best way of approaching him or her here in a specific market?

How do we set up a client profile?

Let’s step back and take a look at one perfect example of defining client profile in a high competition, huge marketing investment field – banking. When everyone else was and still is differentiating clients by their age, geography or social status, e.g., student, married & 2 children, lives in a small village, one bank invented real differentiation. How can one married man with 2 children, mortgage to pay, working in an office with a salary each month hitting his bank account in a 10th of a month with no increase or decrease for 5 years, having the same daily plan for 2 years, can be similar to an another man, married, having 2 children as well, a sailor, spending 3 months in a sea twice a year, with no access to the internet, mobile connection, having a mortgage to pay, receiving his wage in a cash after the trip, not knowing if there will be the same position with company in a year. Imagine how different are their needs and expectations from their bank.
Which approach do we prefer? None and we love both. Depends on your size, capacity, ambitions, global strategy, and openness. Let’s reach and decide on the best, by creating or adapting your local marketing strategy.
If client service is important to your company and client (and it should be!), think of a local client support service. Not decided yet about the best strategy of entering the market, or should you enter at all? Do market research with us!