Enter New Markets Efficiently & Successfully.

Our aim is to introduce with the best in the world, by helping companies to enter Latvia and the Baltic markets. The same we do with the Baltic companies and brands, by helping them to prepare and expand in the neighbor and other markets as the¬†Middle East, Nordic Countries, and elsewhere. We are good at Market Research, Sales and Marketing Strategy and Planning, Negotiation, Strategic Sales, Distribution and Logistics set-up, Company Operation Management. We are Companies’ Representatives here. We act as the company, in the most efficient way.

Some local might ask: Why do you help outsiders to get in?

Our answer is:

There is no outside anymore.

Each new business comes with a fresh view on the old things, an addition to our lives, more job offers, and inspiration for local people. International feel makes each country including the Baltics more attractive to the investors, new inhabitants, and entrepreneurs.


Reach us at [email protected], +371 20220498.